10 Ways to Save Heat Energy this Autumn

We rely on heat to perform a lot of functions in our home, from cooking our food to washing our clothes. Yet, for most households, the necessary use of heat contributes towards a large portion of home running costs. Follow our simple tips to see if you can reduce your energy bills this autumn.

Adjust your home thermostat

A good, common energy saving tip is to programme your thermostat to reduce the temp during the day. If you are usually at home during the day however, remind yourself to do this before you head out for more than a couple of hours.

There are also a range of advanced systems out there which allow you to control your homes central heating system whilst you’re away. If you’re concerned about how much heat energy your home is using when you’re not there it may be wise to contact your energy provider to discuss your options

Turn off/down unused radiators

You may have some rooms within your home which are used less frequently than others (spare bedrooms, laundry rooms etc.). If this is the case, it’s a good idea to check that heat energy isn’t being wasted here. Turn off or down your radiators to prevent heating up rooms that don’t require it.

Use blinds, not curtains

A typical evening for many of us involves drawing the curtains and getting cosy on the sofa at the end of a long day. However if your living room isn’t heating up as quickly as you think it should, or it never seems to reach temperature, your curtains could be a culprit. In the UK it’s common for radiators to be placed underneath windows. If your curtains cover your radiator when drawn, it’s likely you’re trapping the heat behind them, and even worse, letting it escape through your windows. Fit your blinds against your window and not against your wall to reduce the size of the space where heat can escape.

Stop cooking separate meals

It’s not uncommon for families with young children to have two separate evening dinners. Eating altogether is not just a great way to have some quality family time, but save energy too.

Only tumble dry when necessary

Take a little extra time to hang your clothes outside on a dry autumn day or use a clothes rack indoors. As helpful and convenient as tumble dryers are, they can contribute towards costly energy bills.

Take less baths

Swapping your bath for a shower saves heat energy and water. If you have young children consider using a bath damn, this ingenious invention eliminates the need to fill the whole bath when washing your tots.

We hope you found our tips helpful. If you want to take a permanent step towards reducing your heating costs, why not install a thermal insulation barrier in your loft? Our reflective aluminium  foil membrane prevents heat escaping through your loft and reflects it back into your home. Click here to view.