3 Tips for Installing Aluminium Foil Membrane

Aluminium foil membrane is a highly efficient form of insulation for use in walls, floors, roofs and ceilings. Our foil membrane is also an effective vapour control layer.

To get the most from aluminium foil membrane it needs to be fitted correctly. Poorly fitted foil membrane could result in a poorly insulated interior. It could also be ineffective as a vapour control layer, resulting in damage to the structure caused by trapped moisture. Read on to find our three ways you can get the most from foil membrane.

• Keep it dust free

If you’re planning on installing foil insulation in the attic you can do this in two places, these are either the attic floor or above the rafters. If you wan’t to install insulation on the floor it’s important to keep in mind that dust will collect here, and an insulation layer which is covered in dust won’t be as effective. However the advantage of installing the membrane here is that it is a quick and fairly easy process.

• Leave no gap

No matter where you’re installing foil membrane, whether it’s the floor, ceiling or walls, there should be no space left for heat to escape. If the area is an unusual shape you may be tempted to leave small gaps. However our foil insulation can easily be cut to fit around more tricky spaces.

• Seal it

Our foil insulation rolls come in 50m lengths. This makes it easy to lay one continuous layer of insulation across the structure. This method will prove the most effective at insulating your home. Depending on where you are installing the insulation, you can choose whether to install it horizontally or vertically. Where two sheets meet there should be a slight overlap of around 5cm and it’s important to seal this with aluminium foil tape.