Home Maintenance in Autumn

Gutters and Roofing

Fallen leaves and twigs can easily block gutters. This causes water to collect, and once temperatures drop this water can freeze and prevent drainage altogether. Before your gutters become stuffed with fallen autumn leaves, take the time to install a gutter guard and prevent problems further down the line. Check your roof for broken tiles and leaks. If you do have a leak, or suspect you may have one, now is the time to attend to it. You may want to call in a professional to do this, or carry out the repair yourself. Remember, a roof leak won’t go away on its own, and a neglected leak could end up costing you even more money and time to repair in future.


It takes a combination of measures to make up a well insulated home. We all know double glazing plays a big part in keeping heat inside, but there are additional things we can do to better insulate our windows and doors. Firstly any small air leaks should be blocked with weatherstripping. Weatherstripping ranges in price but is usually fairly cheap and worth the cost when it comes to insulating your home. In addition to blocking draughts, you may want to apply an insulation film to your windows or the glass on your doors. Insulation film is a thin, sticky sheet which provides an additional layer of insulation on glass.

Aside from insulating windows and doors one of the best things you can do to reduce heat loss in the home is to properly insulate walls, roofing and floors. If you have any plans to extend or renovate your home, consider aluminium foil insulation. Aluminium foil insulation can be installed in walls, floors and roofing and is an excellent form of insulation.


Test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector in your home and replace the batteries if needed. To ensure the safest protection you should have a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector on every floor of your home. If you have only one carbon monoxide detector, it should be placed outside the area where you sleep.

Have your boiler serviced by a gas safe registered engineer. Not only will having your boiler serviced help to prevent costly repairs and expensive fuel bills, but safeguard your family too. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal, and so it’s important to take such measures to help prevent it.

Clothes dryers undergo much more frequent use during the colder months, as clothes can no longer be dried outside. Because of this, it’s important to make sure your dryer is in good working order. The lint catcher and exhaust of your dryer may be full of lint and debris. This can be extremely flammable, and should be removed regularly. Check the manufacturers Manual to find out how to safely remove lint from your dryer.