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Aluminium foil insulation may sometimes be referred to as aluminium foil membrane, vapour membrane, vapour control barrier or breathable vapour barrier (amongst others). The reason this material is referred to by so many different names is because of its multiple functions.
Damp proof membrane or ‘DPM’ is polyethylene sheet that is applied to concrete ground floors. Damp proof membrane is a loose laid membrane that is particularly easy to apply. DPM is a moisture barrier, its purpose is to protect the building from damage and odours caused by moisture that would otherwise enter a building from the ground.
Breathshield roof membrane/roofing felt is a fundamental element of most new builds and refurbishments.
Here at the Trade store, we specialise in construction and Trade supplies. Breathable membrane is one of our most popular products, widely used in the construction industry as a protective, functional roof underlay. Although breathable membrane is a widely recognised product in the construction industry, the material itself isn’t limited to use in construction; breathable membrane is also found in sporting gear and outdoor garments.
Find out what you need to know about insulation and the important role it plays in your homes structure.
Vapour permeability is a key property of breathable roof membrane. The name vapour permeability is often interchanged with ‘breathability’, but when referring to roof membrane, they both mean the same thing.
A change in season is the perfect opportunity to attend to the areas of our home we’ve been neglecting. Find out how to prepare your home for the colder season, including tips on safety, insulation and roofing.
We rely on heat to perform a lot of functions in our home, from cooking our food to washing our clothes. Yet, for most households, the necessary use of heat contributes towards a large portion of home running costs. Follow our simple tips to see if you can reduce your energy bills this autumn.
To get the most from aluminium foil membrane it needs to be fitted correctly. Poorly fitted foil membrane could result in a poorly insulated interior. Read on to find our three ways you can get the most from foil membrane insulation.
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