Damp Proof Membrane Black - 1200g 300mu - 25m x 4m (100 SQ/M) " DPM Polythene Sheet
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Damp Proof Membrane Sheet Black - 1200g 300mu - 25m x 4m (100 SQ/M) – 1200 gauge DPM - CE Approved
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This 1200-gauge DPM is a loose laid, polyethylene damp proof membrane for use on solid concrete ground floors to protect buildings against moisture, rising water and damp from the ground. It’s a 0.3mm thick membrane and available in a 4 x 25m roll size covering 100 SQ/M. The product is manufactured from a blend of polyethylene, which remain flexible at low temperatures, stable at high temperatures and are resistant to ageing and deterioration.

The membrane provides a highly effective barrier to the passage of moisture from the ground and will enable a floor to comply with the requirements of the national Building Regulations, when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The product has an excellent resistance to puncture. On smooth or blinded surfaces, they will not be damaged by normal foot or site traffic but care must be taken to avoid damage during installation, particularly when handling building materials and equipment over the surface and when placing concrete or screeds, since they can be punctured by sharp objects.

Our CE approved 1200 Gauge DPM damp-proof membrane is manufactured to last the lifetime of the floor construction provided it is correctly installed and not damaged by subsequent building operations.
Product Code: 154016
Length: 25m
Width: 4m
Area per roll: 100m2
Grade: Heavy duty 1200 gauge = 0.3mm thickness (300mu)
Weight: 265g/m2
Roll Weight: 25kg
Material: Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
Type: Damp Proof Membrane
Colour: Black
Equivalent air thickness: - Sd = 120m
Water Vapour Resistance: 302 MNs/g
Certification: CE Approved
• High quality damp proof membrane prevents the ingress of moisture into buildings
• High resistance to tearing
• Heavy duty 1200 gauge = 0.3mm thickness (300mu
• 100 SQ/M coverage per roll
• Waterproof & Rotproof
• Safe and clean to handle
• Superior elongation properties stretching to over 600% before breaking
• Lightweight and easy to cut (no special equipment required) providing a hassle-free installation.
• A cost-effective alternative to branded DPM’s including Visqueen, Monarflex.
• Chemically stable – no volatiles to leach out
• Excellent stability, strength and cohesion
• Ideal for installation as a membrane in base concrete or between the base concrete and screed
• Extremely economical and waste free
• Joints and seals easily (we are currently unable to supply joint tape)
• High water vapour resistance
• Manufactured to last the lifetime of the floor construction
• Complies with all local building regulations
• Packaged folded to 1m for ease of handling
• Comprehensive to satisfy most domestic and low-rise buildings
• For use in refurbishment & new builds
• Suitable for use in underfloor heating applications
• This product is manufactured in Germany and the product packaging may vary to suit local markets
DPM should be laid with overlaps of at least 150mm and sealed to produce a water-proof and vapour-proof joint. This can be achieved with the use of double-sided sealant tape.

The DPM should be continuous with the damp-proof course. Where the DPM and DPC meet, they should be overlapped a minimum of 100mm and a sealed joint formed with an appropriate sealant tape.

When laid below the slab, the DPM should be laid on a bed of material which will not damage the membrane. When placed above slab, the surface should be free from debris and any projections which may damage the membrane.

Detail work should be completed first. Once completed, DPM may be laid and overlapped and sealed with sealant tape. The membrane should be rolled down firmly to ensure an effective bond and seal.

The product can be installed either as an oversite membrane, between a blinded hard core bed and the base concrete, or as a sandwich membrane in base concrete or between the base concrete and screed.

DPM must be covered by a screed or other protective layer as soon as possible after installation. Care should be taken to ensure that the membrane is not stretched or displaced when placing the concrete or screed over the membrane. Sufficient allowance should be made to avoid bridging (i.e. creating areas of unsupported membrane) during screeding operations at internal angles, etc.

When this DPM is used in underfloor heating applications there will be no adverse impact on the membrane.
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