Fibreglass Mesh
fibreglass reinforcing mesh
Reinforcing Fibreglass Mesh 50 SQ/M (1 x 50M) - Plastering, Rendering & Tiling - 145 G/SM
Fibreglass Reinforcing Mesh 1m x 50m (50 SQ/M) - Plastering & Rending 145 g/sm
(Ex VAT 31.66)

Fibreglass Mesh

For anyone seeking high-quality fibreglass mesh options, we can offer one of the leading options within the industry in the form of our heavy-duty grade reinforced mesh.

Our fibreglass mesh options are able to offer resistance against both water and alkali, with long-term durability and effectiveness.

What are the key qualities of fibreglass mesh?

Our fibreglass mesh options offers some key qualities, which include:

- High tensile strength and stability, as well as providing elasticity and corrosion resistance.
- A great option to be utilised in construction, with fibreglass mesh most commonly used to reinforce concrete, cement, renders and plasters.
- Offering quality performance as a reinforcing material for internal and external wall insulation.
- Our fiberglass mesh options are also prized for their ability to reinforce walls and prevent cracking.

Where are our fibreglass mesh options most commonly applied?

Our fibreglass mesh range is popular for applications including:

- Reinforcement of insulated renders
- Use with concrete/screed flooring
- Alongside plaster walls/ceilings
- Protection within mobile homes
- Waterproofing of roof areas

There are a number of other applications where our fiberglass mesh options can thrive, with its reliable and flexible range of applications making it a popular choice for many.

What are the key features of our fibreglass mesh?

Our fiberglass mesh products offer key features including:

- Highly tear resistant, offering great stability and strength
- Providing design specifically aimed at preventing wall cracking
- A lightweight option that is easy to cut without the use of special equipment
- Providing real ease of application
- A highly cost-effective choice

How will my fibreglass mesh be delivered?

All of our fibreglass mesh options are available with Free Next Day UK Delivery on all orders.

Same day dispatch is offered on any purchase, as long as the order and payment are received before 1pm.