Heavy Duty Woven Geotextile 70 G/SM 1.1mtr x 50mtr (55 SQ/M)
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Woven Geotextile + Weed/Ground Control Membrane – 70 G/SM – 1.1mtr x 50mtr roll (55 SQ/M)
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Our woven geotextile is a filter, separation and stabilisation membrane with excellent drainage and filtration properties used extensively below ground in many different construction/DIY and civil engineering applications.

The product is highly permeable so allows water to pass through it providing outstanding filtration, stabilisation and separation functions. It acts as a filter to prevent the intermixing of different sizes of granular stone layers or soils within a sub-base in driveways, paths, driveways etc. Typical uses for geotextile include ground stabilisation (between the sub-base and subgrade) and around drainage materials.

It also allows the separation of aggregate from the soil thus preventing the aggregate from mixing with the soil and reducing the efficiency and capacity of drainage systems. Our premium 50g/sm geotextile membrane (manufactured from UV stabilised, high tenacity, polypropylene fibres that have been both mechanically and thermally bonded to provide high strength and excellent abrasion characteristics) is comparable in quality but much more cost effective than alternatives brands like Terram, Plantex and Weedban to name a few.

Non-woven geotextile fabric is used in many applications where drainage control, weed prevention, erosion control and ground stabilisation are required. The geotextile has a stable but open structure making it ideal for lining trenches when constructing land drains. The product is also used for wrapping soakaway and water attenuation crates in both small domestic and large commercial projects.

Again, the high permeability of the fabric, means water can percolate through whilst preventing the soakaway becoming silted up. Our geotextile can also be used as a ground stabilisation membrane beneath type 1 or 3 aggregate or hardcore to form a stable base in many hard landscaping and civil engineering applications. Geotextiles provide an effective solution to the problem of constructing a stable granular layer over soft foundation soils.

When stone is placed directly on a soft subgrade, the imposed load often causes intermixing of two layers. This results in contamination of the stone layer and a resulting loss in bearing strength, surface rutting and deformation at the sub-base/subgrade interface.


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Product Code: 154012
Length: 50m
Width: 1.1m
Area per roll: 55m2
Grade: 70g/m2
Colour: Black
Roll Weight: 8kg
  • Excellent strength, durability and resistance to damage
  • The geotextile is unobtrusive grey, easy to cut, does not fray, simple to position, flexible to adapt to uneven ground and can be secured using plastic pegs available from any DIY store.
  • Preventing intermixing of granular materials and soils
  • Erosion control
  • UV resistant
  • A much more cost effective alternative to other geotextiles including TERRAMM, Plantex and Weedban
  • Geotextile membrane which avoids the use of chemicals
  • Lightweight and simple to install
  • Highly tear resistant
  • Extremely economical and waste free
  • Permeability to allow air, nutrients and liquids to pass through to the soil
  • Very lightweight and easy to cut (no special equipment required)
  • Maintenance free and resistant to microbiological and chemical attack
  • High porosity, allows air & water to permeate
  • Resistance to changes in weather conditions and temperature
  • Produced from the highest quality materials
  • Reduces depth of sub-base required
  • Versatility of applications
  • Construction of gravel drives and driveways
  • To separate stone layers in car park and overflow car park construction
  • In permeable paving systems
  • Decking systems
  • Ground control under gravel layers
  • Drainage systems
  • For grass pavers, to prevent the root zone soil being washed through into the sub-base stone
  • For gravel filled plastic paving grids to prevent the gravel intermixing with the larger sub-base stone layers
  • For pavement construction
  • Under block-paving
  • Land drains and perforated drainage
  • Wrapping soakaway crates
  • In SUDS installations
  • Water attenuation & rainwater harvesting
  • Weed control prevention
  • In the construction of green roofs
  • As a windproof insulation of stud walls
  • An additional layer protecting attics, especially during roofing work
  • To protect plastic tunnels or greenhouses against the sun
  • To shield and cover plants (it speeds vegetation, increases yield, protects plants from pests and weather)
  • For use on beds, borders, under decking, paths and gardens
  • It is recommended that you purchase ground pegs to anchor the edges of the fabric (we do not currently supply these but they can be bought at most DIY stores)
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Heavy Duty Woven Geotextile 70 G/SM 1.1mtr x 50mtr (55 SQ/M)
Woven Geotextile + Weed/Ground Control Membrane – 70 G/SM – 1.1mtr x 50mtr roll (55 SQ/M)
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