Roofing Membrane

Breathable Roof Membrane/Breathable Roofing Felt

Breathable roof membrane plays a key role in protecting buildings and occupants from the elements. We offer two types of breathable roof membrane/breathable rooing felt: BREATHSHIELD BREATHABLE ROOF MEMBRANE/FELT - 1M X 50M (50 SQM) - 160 GSM and BREATHABLE ROOF MEMBRANE/FELT - 1.5M X 50M (75 SQ/M) - 135 G/SM. Each membrane is a multi layer, heavy duty roofing felt with a vapour permeability of 3000g/m2/24h. Whilst our membranes allow water to escape in the form of vapour, they remain fully waterproof to prevent water from entering the structure of which they are installed.