Aluminium Foil Membrane - Vapour Barrier and Thermal Insulation - 1.5m x 50m (75 SQ/M)
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Vapour Barrier and Thermal Insulation Aluminium Foil Membrane - For use in Walls, Floors and Roofs - 1.5m x 50m (75 SQ/M) - CE Approved + Fire Retardant
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This membrane is a three-layer aluminium foil used extensively in new-build construction and renovations as a fire retardant, fully waterproof vapour barrier and thermal insulation upgrading system in walls, roofs, attics, ceilings and floors.

The products highly reflective and durable surface reduces heat loss through the roof, ceiling, wall or floor therefore enhancing the thermal performance of the system. The upper and lower layers are made of aluminium polyethylene film and the inner part is reinforced with PP network to give an extremely high tensile strength. The top layer of polyethylene is metallized with the heat-reflective surface of aluminium. The internally reinforced membrane sheet covers both the structure from the ingress of water and acts as a heat absorption layer.

Aluminium foil membranes are typically used in applications to minimise the thickness of the insulation required. In the best cases, the use of a foil membrane could reduce the amount of insulation needed by between 10-20mm (but typically 5-10mm), although this varies with construction type and target U-value. This product outperforms standard foil membranes, achieving 0.35 U-value with 89mm stud wall. Our premium aluminium foil is of equivalent quality but offers a much more cost effective alternative to other aluminium foil membranes which are scarcely available in many builder’s merchants.
Product Code: 154003
Length: 50m
Width: 1.5m
Area per roll: 75m2
Grade: 90g/m2 +/- 10%
Roll Weight: 8kg
Resistance to longitudinal tear: 250 N/50 mm
Resistance to transversal tear: 120 N/50 mm
SD value: 0.02 mm
Product thickness: 0.5mm
Certification: PZH: HK/B/0316/01/99 AT-2001-11-017
U-value: 0.35 with 89mm stud wall
Recommended operating temperature (°C): -50 to +80
Water-tightness: W1
Certification: This product is fully CPR compliant, CE Approved and Fire Retardant 
  • Low emissivity reflective surface used to improve the overall u-value of the building
  • Foil insulation can reduce the radiant heat transfer by up 97% 
  • Helps to meet the requirements of Approved Document Part L
  • Fire Retardant
  • Specially designed to keep homes warm in winter, but the unique foil properties are also great at reflecting excessive heat during the summer
  • Excellent stability, strength and cohesion
  • Highly tear resistant
  • Corrosion and damage resistant
  • Good nail tear resistance
  • Helps preventing mould and damp, enhances thermal resistance, and reduces the risk of condensation.
  • Prevent ingress of water/moisture and the passage of wind-blown snow and dust into the interior of the building
  • Specially designed to reduce heat loss
  • Extremely economical and waste free
  • Very lightweight and easy to cut (no special equipment required)
  • Ease of application
  • High weather resistance
  • A much more cost effective alternative to other vapour barriers / aluminium foil membranes scarcely available in builder’s merchants
  • Multi layered aluminium
  • Thermally insulating properties - equivalent to 55mm Polystyrene Insulation
  • For use in Refurbishment & New Builds
  • The reflection foil is designed for direct application in underfloor heating systems; under heating pipes and can be easily cut to fit shaped areas. The foil reflects heat and deflects the cold temperature down to prevent heat loss to the subfloor and increase the systems efficiency.
The product is widely used in the construction/refurbishment of:
  • Floors – under floor boards and between floor joists
  • Underfloor Heating - under heating pipes
  • Ceilings – between ceiling joists and under plasterboard
  • Roof – can be used in ventilated and non-ventilated roofs
  • Walls – in dry lined stud walls and against solid walls
  • The product can also be used in conservatory, timber frame and modular construction
Please note this membrane is not self-adhesive, it needs to be fixed in place. Self-adhesive foil tape is available for this purpose.
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