Breathable Membrane – Other uses

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Breathable membrane

Breathable membrane is one of our most popular products, widely used in the construction industry as a protective, functional roof underlay. Although breathable membrane is a widely recognised product in the construction industry, the material itself isn’t limited to use in construction; breathable membrane is also found in sporting gear and outdoor garments.

On the surface, it would seem that a domestic roof and a sports jacket have absolutely nothing in common, however these two materials actually serve the exact same purpose: to protect from the elements. When we consider this it’s easy to understand why both would rely on the same material to function at their best.

If you want to take part in an outdoor sport or activity whether that’s kayaking, hiking, or extreme white-water rafting, any experienced outdoorsman will tell you the importance of the right gear. This is where breathable membrane plays an important role. Breathable membrane sort of works like a second skin when it comes to sportswear, not only does it protect its wearer from water, wind, damp and dust, but it also allows skin to breathe. Sweat is allowed to escape through the fabric and evaporate, yet water from the outside will not be able to penetrate through the fabric. These same protective and breathable properties are required of a roof, which is why breathable roof membrane is so important.