A Look At Breathable Roof Membrane

Find the Benefits and Uses of Breathable Roof Membrane

Breathshield Breathable roof membrane/roofing felt is a fundamental element of most new builds and refurbishments.

Ease of Application

No special equipment is required to cut the lightweight breathshield roofing felt, making installation hassle free. Breathshield is supplied in 1 x 50 metre rolls and quantity discounts are available, providing an economical solution with little to no waste produced.

Allows Proper Ventilation

A good way to understand how breathable roofing felt works is to liken it to a football jersey or sports jacket: perspiration is allowed to escape but the wearer will not be affected by wet weather. The same principle applies to a building fitted with breathable roof membrane. A good breathable roof membrane should include a functional, waterproof surface. It should also allow the roof to ‘breathe’ by allowing moisture to pass through in the form of vapour.

The breathshield breathable roofing felt is comprised of three layers. The outer layer forms the functional waterproof surface. The middle layer is a breathable, waterproof membrane. The inner layer adds durability and strength to the overall roofing felt, whilst protecting the membrane from abrasion and damage.


Breathshield roofing felt provides excellent protection against wind driven rain, snow dust and insects. The Membrane will not only protect from the elements after the full roof completion but also during construction. Breathshield has a high wind uplift resistance, fantastic stability, strength and cohesion. Breathshiled is designed to withstand torrential weather conditions.