A Look at Damp Proof Membrane

Find out the benefits and uses of damp proof membrane

Damp proof membrane or ‘DPM’ is polyethylene sheet that is applied to concrete ground floors. Damp proof membrane is a loose laid membrane that is particularly easy to apply. DPM is a moisture barrier, its purpose is to protect the building from damage and odours caused by moisture that would otherwise enter a building from the ground.


Our 0.3mm polyethylene membrane is designed to perform as a highly effective barrier against natural ground moisture. The moisture protection provided by DPM allows the floor installed above it to fully comply with building regulations, without the hindrance of moisture damage or early deterioration caused by moisture.


While ground moisture is hardly an issue in our gardens, inside the home improper ground protection can lead to an array of problems from a ruined hardwood floor to unhealthy mould and unpleasant odours. The old saying ‘prevention is better than the cure’ certainly rings true when it comes to installing a damp proof membrane.


Once our CE approved DMP is installed you can rest safe in the knowledge your floor will remain protected for the entirety of its lifetime. The membrane is also designed to withstand foot and site traffic during installation and has a high tear and puncture resistance.