Three Things You Should Know About Insulation

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Good Insulation Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

Yes its true, insulating your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Splashing the cash on premium named brands isn’t always necessary when investing in good quality building materials. Our aluminium foil membrane is highly durable and offers the same high quality as other, pricier foil membranes.

Insulation Has More Than One Function

Aside from keeping your home a comfortable temperature all year round, insulation also plays other important roles.

The cost of running a home can be expensive. Utility bills can quickly add up to scary amounts. To keep hefty bills away it’s important that we can heat up and cool down our homes quickly. It’s also important that we can keep our homes at a comfortable temperature for as long as possible, to avoid excessive use of heating and cooling devices. Foil insulation is great at regulating temperature. Its reflective surface is specially designed to keep homes warm in winter and cool during summer. This reduces the need for artificial heating and cooling, and in turn reduces home running costs.

Insulation not only helps us to reduce our monthly bills, but also our carbon footprint. Heating even a small house has an impact on our planets health. By reducing the amount of energy we use to heat and cool our homes, we also reduce the harmful impact on the planet.

Insulation is Not a One-Type-Suits-All Product

Depending on where the insulation is installed and the purpose of the insulation, each application will require a different type. Insulation in walls will typically have some sound insulation properties as well as heat insulation properties. Roofing insulation on the other hand will often be waterproof and also act as a vapour barrier.