What Is Breathable Roof Membrane?

Breather membrane is utilised on roofing to decrease condensation and increase insulating efficacy.


Breathable Roof Membrane

What Is Breathable Roof Membrane?

Breather membrane is utilised on roofing to decrease condensation and increase insulating efficacy. Breathable membrane is also permeable, allowing for air circulation through the insulation, and preventing moisture from forming.

Breathable roof membrane is made with a protective breathable film on one side and an adhesive coating on the other. They’re built to regulate temperature (due to their reflective backing) whilst also protecting against heat loss due to the warmth insulation they provide (the air space within).

All forms of roof insulation, including rockwool, glass mineral wool and cellulose, may be used with breathable roof membranes.

Breathable Membrane Benefits

  • Prevents condensation / water vapour
  • Durable against external weather conditions
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Lowers moisture for better indoor air quality
  • Increases thermal performance of the roof system
  • Provides a breathable barrier to keep heat in / warm roofs
  • Offers adequate ventilation
  • Prevents water ingress
  • No need for additional roof ventilation
  • Resistant to Tears
  • Firmness, strength, and cohesion are all enhanced
  • Resistance to high wind uplift
  • Extremely cost effective and waste free
  • The sheeting is both lightweight and simple to cut (there is no need for special equipment). It makes a hassle free roofing installation possible.

Why Breathable Membrane Is Required

Moisture can travel across the roof space quickly in a vacuum and condense on the cooler surface. The condensation created by this process may cause a variety of issues.

There might be up to 14 litres of humidity in an average home, and it’s critical to keep any condensation from the air from circulating throughout the roof.

Breathable Membrane

The roof membrane’s breathability prevents the use of additional ventilation, which can be an important factor when choosing the right building materials. For longer life, these breather membranes include specially developed stabiliser chemicals that absorb UV radiation and keep moisture out.

The inner layer, in addition to providing waterproof protection, protects the membrane against corrosion and harm by preventing moisture from reaching it.

It also allows water penetration from moisture by allowing water flow while being fully safe. German made goods are built to endure harsh and torrential weather conditions. For simple adaptation to standard roof shapes, a standard 1.5 m is provided.

Different Types Of Breather Membranes

Depending on the complexity of the project, there are various sorts of breather membrane available.

Standard roof membranes with a thickness of 1.5 mm are perfect for simple and short adaptation to any roof shape. If you have a more complicated roof shape, or if you need a waterproof and breathable membrane with enhanced protection against UV radiation, you can choose a product with a higher weight.

For ultimate protection against moisture and UV radiation, our high-performance membranes with a weight of 1.5 mm are perfect for any roof shape and offer maximum protection against the elements.

The membrane’s breathability will help keep your roof in top condition while preventing moisture and mould from forming – delivering peace of mind and improved indoor air quality.


The primary function of our breathable roof membrane is to enable roofs to breathe, through vapour control layers, eliminating the need for conventional ventilation.

This form of breathable roofing membrane may be used as a fully or half-supported underlay beneath tiled or slated pitched roofs in warm or cold non-ventilated and ventilated conditions.

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