3 Reasons To Use Aluminium Foil Insulation

When choosing the right insulation for your needs, aluminium foil membrane is a great option

Aluminium foil membrane

There are several reasons why using Aluminium foil insulation is a must do on your next building project. It is a versatile products that maximises the effectiveness of your construction in many different ways.

  1. Aluminium vapour membrane helps to Prevent Mould and Damp

    One of key properties of foil membrane is that it is fully waterproof. This quality helps to prevent mould and damp penetration, and therefore lowers the risk of condensation. So, simply once the vapour control barrier (as it is also known as) is applied, it works as a barrier against moisture.

  2. It Insulates!

    Aluminium foil insulation is great at thermal insulation, acting as a barrier to heat loss through the roof, wall or floor.

    The aluminium foil insulation we stock is made up of three layers. The outer layers of the foil membrane are made of a metallised polyethylene film. This aluminium coating creates a heat reflective surface that stops the warmth from escaping. The middle part of the ‘sandwich’ is an extremely strong reinforced material, designed to strengthen and provide resistance against the foil membrane tearing over time. This central layer also provides an extra heat absorption layer.

    The particular foil membrane we stock has a stunning U-value of 0.35 when applied to a 89mm stud wall.

  3. Aluminium foil insulation improves the efficiency of you under-floor heating.

    Just as Our foil membrane acts to reflect heat on the walls and ceilings, it can also be used under heated flooring. When used here is bounces the heat upwards and deflects the cold down away from the subfloor. By acting as a two-way barrier it increases the efficiency of your under-floor heating system. In these times of rising energy prices every little thing helps.  It is also easy to work with and can be cut to fit the required floor area.

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