Breathable Roof Membrane/Breathable Roofing Felt - 1.5m x 50m (75 SQ/M) - 135 G/SM
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Breathable Roof Membrane/Felt - 1.5m x 50m (75 SQ/M) - 135 G/SM - CE Approved
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The breathable roof membrane allows roofs to breathe, negating the requirement for traditional ventilation.

It is suitable to use this type of breathable membrane as a fully-supported or unsupported underlay beneath tiled or slated pitched roofs, in warm or cold non-ventilated and ventilated roofs.

What are the key qualities of breathable roof membrane?

Our breathable roof membrane option offers a variety of qualities including:

  • Breathable membranes are a fundamental element of most new build and refurbishment projects. Their adaptable, multi-purpose use is seen by specifiers, merchants and installers as the optimum solution to under-slating requirements.

  • Breather membranes play a key role in protecting buildings and occupants from the elements. In addition to improving energy efficiency, this breather membrane offers long-lasting protection against several threats to building integrity, including condensation and infiltration by water and air. Our Heavy Duty 135 g/sm breathable roof membrane is of equivalent quality but offers a much more cost effective alternative to branded membranes like Cromar and Tyvek.

  • This type of roof membrane contains special stabilisation additives which extend its resistance to UV radiation which allows installers to perform assembly of the final roof covering without the added pressure of time-delays affecting the material’s durability.

  • Breathable roof membrane is equally suitable whether draped unsupported over rafters or laid directly over insulation. The outer layer forms a functional waterproof surface, the middle layer is the breathable waterproof membrane and the inner layer protects the membrane from abrasion and damage, also giving additional strength. This enables the fabric to allow moisture vapour to pass through, whilst remaining fully waterproof.

What are the main applications of breathable roof membrane?

When it comes to the application of breathable roof membrane, it is ideal for:

  • Engineered for use in a fully supported or unsupported tiled, slated or metal roof system.

  • Transporting moisture resulting from any ingress through a primary roof covering into a roof drainage system

  • Provide a barrier to minimise the wind uplift load acting on the slates or tiles

  • Provide a secondary barrier to the ingress of wind driven rain, snow and dust

  • Provides robust weather protection before the installation of the primary roof covering

  • EU approved for use in Warm and Cold, Ventilated and Non Ventilated Roofs

  • Available in a 1.5m width as standard to conform easily to any typical roof configuration or the individual working practices of the installer


What are the key features of breathable roof membrane?

We ensure the highest quality across all of our breathable membranes, with key features including:

  • Excellent stability, strength and cohesion

  • Highly tear resistant

  • A multi layered breathable membrane/felt

  • Vapour permeable

  • No additional ventilation required

  • High wind uplift resistance

  • Extremely economical and waste free

  • Very lightweight and easy to cut (no special equipment required) providing a hassle free roofing installation.

  • This product is manufactured in the Germany and designed to withstand torrential weather conditions

  • Ease of application

  • A much more cost effective alternative to other membranes including Cromar and Tyvek

  • For use in Refurbishment & New Builds

How will my roof membrane be delivered?

All of our breathable membrane orders will be sent on a free next working day (24 hour) UK delivery service. 

Your order will be dispatched the same working day if received by 1pm otherwise it will be dispatched the next working day.

Product Code: 154002
Length: 50m
Width: 1.5m
Area per roll: 75m2
Grade: Heavy Duty 135g/m2
Roll Weight: 8kg
Colour: Black (outer) / Grey (inner)
Vapour permeability: 3000 g/m²/24h
Sd value: ca. 0.02 m
Water-tightness: W1
Certification: This product is fully CPR compliant and CE approved to EN 13859 - 1 for pitched roofs
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